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Imagine this nightmare…

Just when the bank stops sending you notices, and you finally feel a sense of relief, the IRS starts sending you tax notifications, and they’re just getting started.

Unfortunately, it could get even worse.

Here’s what’s likely to happen:

In late January, your bank will send you IRS Forms 1099-C or 1099-A, perhaps from both lender, for about the amount they assert represents their losses.

When you ignore those 1099′s on your tax return, even at the advice of your naive tax preparer (possibly including firms like H&R Block), you’ll get an IRS “CP2000 letter” the following year after you filed the incorrect tax return.

They’ll give you a whole 30 days to pay the huge tax, penalties, and interest amounts, often eliminating your other deductions and assessing all kinds of penalties you’ve never heard of (sometimes as much as the tax itself!)

Then you’re on track for a never-ending deluge of tax notifications from the IRS for the next 10 years, perhaps including bank levies, wage garnishments, and snagging your future tax refund checks.

Why? Because the IRS says you made money when you lost your home!


How can that be possible?

Because the difference between what you owed and what was paid at foreclosure is fully taxable income to you.

Holy S*HT! Are you frickin kidding me?

Sadly, no.

Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. I know how it feels because I lost my home to foreclosure, too.
If you’re like me:

You feel alone without anywhere to turn for help

You’re unsure where you’ll live next week

You’re embarrassed

You’re desperate

You’re ashamed

You’re afraid friends, family, and co-workers will learn your secret.

Your parents taught you to feel shame when you can’t pay your mortgage on time.

You May Have Called the Bank as a First Step…

or sought help from others to obtain a loan modification, only to lose a lot of your hard-earned money and your precious time by faxing your documents again, and again, and again. Sound familiar?


Knowledge is Power

The way you get that power to work for you, is to book a consultation appointment with me right now… Right here from you computer… no sales people, no waiting on hold, no guessing at available time slots that will work for you. It’s all at your fingertips.


Do it Now

Time is your Enemy.

Knowledge is your friend.

It’s your choice. Choose to be smart rather than live in fear.


Will I Still Owe the Bank?

Have you asked for help to understand whether you’ll owe the bank for their loss after your foreclosure or short sale. If so, you get Brownie points for being proactive, gathering all the facts, and arming yourself with knowledge about your specific situation.

Every one’s situation is different. A lot different. There is no “one size fits all” right answer. By finding out what the consequences might be for each alternative, you operate from a position of power. It’s all about knowledge. More importantly, accurate knowledge.

Fear of the Unknown

But what is the $64,000 Question you didn’t even think to ask? Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. That’s the scary part. Knowing what you don’t know makes you anxious. But NOT knowing what you don’t know creates ignorance, and I’m here to tell you that it will cost you money… A lot of money.

It is Not the Same

No matter whether or not you’ll owe the bank after the all dust settles, the bigger question most forget to ask is…


Oh, you didn’t think about that one, huh? Taxes are never fun, unless you’re getting something for free. In fact, analyzing the tax consequences is the very LAST thing on your mind right now!

Unfortunately, that’s’ tantamount to sticking your head in the sand. And when you’re head is buried in the sand, what’s left sticking up in the air? Yep. Not so pretty, huh? 

It’s your choice. Choose to be smart rather than live in fear.

Denial Will Cost You Dearly

You can choose to do the same thing that everyone else has done, avoiding the whole thing for as long as you possibly can. Of course, that will get you the same crummy result everyone else got. Isn’t that the definition of Insanity… Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Not so attractive, is it?

Then let’s do it differently than all the rest. Make a strategic plan and follow that plan. You’ve likely heard the saying, “People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.” But I can help you avoid that failure so that you can make smart, well-informed decisions from place of confidence and power. That’s sounds way better to me.

The sooner we start creating a strategic plan based on your unique circumstances, the more likely you’ll benefit in the long run. You’re already losing your home. Let’s work together to salvage what we can, while we can. But the longer you wait, the less opportunity we have to devise the most effective strategic plan.

Death and Taxes

Uncle Sam (and Gov. Brown, if you’re in California) are just waiting silently on the sidelines. They get their landslide tax revenues on April 15th from you as a victim of a foreclosure or short sale… but only if you do nothing. Automatic payday for the government… at your expense, no less. Talk about kicking us when we’re down!

What if I Do Nothing?

By default, you pay tax on the bank’s loss. That’s likely tens of thousands of dollars in additional tax you’ll owe the U.S. Treasury (and the CA Franchise Tax Board, if you’re in California.) If you do nothing, it’s pay-dirt for them and even a worse disaster for you than losing your home… as if that wasn’t punishment enough already!


I Can Fix Your Problem

Engaging a professional that focuses specifically on tax consequences of foreclosures, short sales, and loan mods is like going to see a pediatrician for your brand new baby instead of your OB/Gyn.

Do obstetricians know stuff about babies? I’m certain they do. But are they who you’d consult if your child were rushed to the hospital? Of course not! Similarly, the tax preparer you used to use is NOT the right solution for your new problem. See an expert.

Oh, you didn’t think about that one, huh? Taxes are never fun, unless you’re getting something for free. In fact, analyzing the tax consequences is the very LAST thing on your mind right now!

Unfortunately, that’s’ tantamount to sticking your head in the sand. And when you’re head is buried in the sand, what’s left sticking up in the air? Yep. Not so pretty, huh? 


It’s your choice. Choose to be smart rather than live in fear.

Been There, Done That!

I lost my own home to foreclosure after the mortgage and real estate crisis caused banks to close down accessing the equity in my home to run my business. My whole real estate development business cratered before my eyes. My whole life turned upside down at the blink of an eye… and the stroke of a banker’s pen.

Fear Motivates Bad Decisions

I buried my head in the sand, wrongfully believing I was smart enough to know what to do all on my own. After all, I was a man that hates to ask for directions. 

Ignorance is not just being stupid. Rather, it’s simply being uninformed and not enlightened by the advice of others. If a professional real estate developer can’t make smart and strategic decisions on his own, why believe that you can?

Smart People Ask for Help

I spent my the last $1,000 to my name on an attorney that was a board specialist certified by the State Bar of California to be an expert in the field. Even though I learned a lot, especially about what NOT to do, I still struggled with the emotional stress and illogical fear around the whole debacle.

The Inevitable

I was going to lose my home, period. Lose my down payment, lose my equity that built up over 8 years, and lose most of my personal possessions in the process.

Fear of Failure

I was in my last year of law school and about to take the hardest bar exam in the entire country, and one that many legal minds much smarter than me fail, sometimes multiple times. The stress nearly killed me with losing my home and my business all at the same time. Sound familiar?

Hindsight is 20/20

Out of fear, I moved from my home at least a year too early. At my house payment, that ill-planned knee-jerk decision lost me at least $75,000 just in what I gave up voluntarily out of fear. That doesn’t have to happen to you.

Where’s MY Bailout?

What was Uncle Sam (and Gov. Brown) going to say about my huge loss? Would I get a tax credit or some other benefit like the big banks? Hey, where’s MY Bailout?

The Ugly and the Uglier

When I was losing my home in 2007, I didn’t know what “short sale” even meant. Never heard of a loan mod to help me save my home. But I did know about foreclosure, so that’s where my life went. Down the toilet along with my home.

Leave Me Alone!

I got tons of mail, literally stacks of it, from real estate agents and loan mod scammers wanting to “save me” from my peril. I thought I knew it all so I didn’t even listen. Do you feel like that sometimes?

But, Mom!

Having grown up with a domineering mother, I certainly could not admit I was wrong! “What would the neighbors think”, right? Many of you are laughing because your family is just like that. I can see that grin on your face. 

You don’t have to admit you’re wrong. You don’t even have to admit your finances are out of control or in the toilet. Mine were both. Are yours? Probably, if you’re still here.

But What Can You Really Do Now?

Even if you’ve already sought advice on what you might owe the bank or second lien lender, you need to know what will happen on April 15th. I absolutely guarantee you that “doing nothing” is the WRONG answer. And I’ll pay you $500 cash, if I’m wrong. Cold, hard, green cash. How’s that for evidence that I specialize in this exact field?

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

I’ll prove my point to you during our consultation appointment, using your specific facts unique to your own situation. I’ll help you understand what innocent mistakes could cost you untold thousands, and what strategic decisions could save you bundles of money when it’s all said and done.

What’s in it for You?

Together, we will:

Alleviate some of the Fear

Enhance your Knowledge

Bolster your Confidence

Be Assertive with the Bank

Extend Time in your Home

Formulate your Strategic Plan

Avoid Huge Tax Consequences

Project your Future Taxes

Determine your New Withholding at Work

Liability to the Lender is NOT the same as to Uncle Sam

Build a Team of Competent and Experienced Advisers.


Take Action Now

Time is not your friend; knowledge is. The longer you wait to address these issues, the less time we have to implement smart and strategic strategies to your benefit.

My Guarantee to You

I promise that avoiding the issues only makes things worse. I will prove to you that your taxes WILL CHANGE, even when others will tell you otherwise. The assertion that it’s a “non-event” is patently false.

Prove me wrong during our consultation and I’ll hand you FIVE $100 bills in cash, on the spot. Now that’s putting my money where my mouth is!

We’re Not Just Playing Monopoly Here

This isn’t just a game. We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket on tax day… and from every paycheck after the IRS garnishes your wages. There’s no “Get Out of Jail Free” card you can play. If you don’t file the proper form making the proper election with the proper documentation on a timely filed return, not even the Geo. W. bill enacted in 2007 will save you. I’m not kidding. It’s right in the bill itself. Do it right the first time… or too bad for you.

Seriously. No Mulligans here.

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It’s your choice. Choose to be smart rather than live in fear.

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